Rolex is a registered trademark of the Rolex USA. Ruby's Jewelry is not an affiliate of Rolex USA and is not an authorized Rolex repair center
We are equally proud to service many other quality Swiss watch brands, such as Omega, Hublot and Tag Heuer to name a few

Rolex & Luxury Watch Repair 

Ruby's Jewelry and Repair specializes in watch repair of all brands!  We can handle all of your watch repairs from Rolex to Timex!

We offer excellent work, tentative staff, and the comfort knowing that your watch won’t be outsourced for repairs; We do all of our repairs in- house.  We also offer Free Estimates on your watch repairs and some services can be done while you wait!

For years now, the words "Rolex Watch" have been synonymous with quality, prestige, and accomplishment.

Just like any piece of precision machinery, all fine timepieces require routine maintenance or repair service. Oils that are used for lubrication inside most fine Swiss watches has a life expectancy between 3 and 4 years. Once this oil begins to break down, moving parts can wear down, affect the accuracy - and value - of the watch. Fortunately, We offer a full range of services, ranging from basic maintenance to major repairs and restorations.

Rolex Overhaul Service Price List 

  • Complete overhaul: starting at $260
  • Complete overhaul for older models: starting at $300
  • Case and Bracelet repair (no overhaul): by estimate only
  • Vintage watch refinishing and restoration: by estimate only
  • Water damaged watches: by estimate only
  • Crowns: $50-$180 (depending on the model) 

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